What Causes Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small, brown insects that typically live in crevices in upholstery such as that of mattresses. These are parasites that bite people while they sleep on the infested mattress. Because bedbugs are so small and live along the seams and in other crevices, people may not realize their beds are infested until they identify the bite marks on their skin. What causes bed bugs?

For decades, bed bugs were virtually unheard of in most developed countries. Pesticides used in the past had caused a significant decrease in the bed bug population. These old pesticides like DDT have been banned since then due to the negative impact on the environment. Some people believe that bed bugs may have become immune to some pesticides that are used today.

Bed bugs have become problematic in more locations due to increased international travel. It is not uncommon for a person to return from a trip with luggage that has been contaminated with bedbugs. The bed bugs may infest the person’s mattress or other upholstered furniture. Hotel rooms and private residences around the world have become infested this way.

Immigration can spread bed bugs. Bed bugs do not stay on the individual for very long. A bed bug will bite and feed off the host and return to its hiding place. But if an individual or family leaves a home that had bed bugs, they may have bed bugs in their possessions that they take to their new location.

Bites from bed bugs are often in a line or cluster on the skin. A curved line of three bites is a common appearance of bed bug bites. Though the bed bug bites are often on the face, hands, arms, or neck, the person can be bitten on any skin that is exposed while the person sleeps. The bites may be itchy. Upon close inspection of the bites, they may appear red or pink with a darker red center.

Bed bugs are difficult to eliminate. Help from professional exterminators experienced in bed bug infestations is recommended to get rid of bed bugs. Simply discarding the mattress is often not enough since bedbugs can be hiding in other areas of the home such as under carpeting, in bed frames, and along baseboards. People should not feel self-conscious about requesting help for a bed bug problem. Bed bugs are not associated with a lack of cleanliness or poor hygiene.

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