What Causes Ankles To Swell

Swelling in the ankles is due to too much liquid matter in the ankles. When you injured your ankle, it will usually swell up because the veins are injured and the blood will not be able to flow smoothly around the leg area. Therefore the blockage usually results in a swell on the ankles. When the liquid matter in this case the blood, is accumulated around the joint and the soft tissues area around the ankle it causes the ankle to swell.

However, there is also a several cause for the ankle to swell up, such as:

i) Injury – some ankle injuries like an ankle sprain, broken ankle and twisted ankle are mostly known as the cause for the swelling. This is due to the damage of the soft tissues around the ankle area causing the liquid around the ankle area to clot up. Resulting in a swell in the ankle.

ii) Gout – The accumulation of liquid matter in the ankle once again is the culprit for the swell in your ankle. This time is the uric acid crystals that are accumulated in your ankle. Uric acid act as a courier service that transport waste material from our bodies in order to get rid of it. Gout patient will have their ankle to be accumulated with uric acid crystals, which will lead to swelling.

iii) Blood Clot – A medical situation that causes the victim of this problem have a less effective blood circulation. The blood circulation is unlike normal people where it is always flowing despite whatever position you are in whether you are standing or sitting. The swelling will usually occurs to one leg and it may get worse and causes the other leg to swell as well. For this situation it is very common to see the victim of this often their ankle swell up when they stand for too long.

iv) Peripheral Edema – While it is also a blood circulation problem, it does not only cause one leg to swell but it causes the both legs to swell up. The lighter variation of edema is usually the result of an aging veins which is weaker and unable to perform the blood circulation task of the body as good as before. This peripheral Edema is usually seen when a women are pregnant, which for pregnant woman it is usually temporary.

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