What Causes A Tingling Sensation In The Left Arm

A tingling sensation in the left arm usually is a symptoms from a serious heart disease or a nerve damage that is caused by pressure or too much of working out. If the tingling sensation in the left arm continues, it may lead to a more complicated situation such as nerve damage, which eventually will cause the arm to be completely numb and also a permanent loss of feeling in the left arm.

This tingling sensation, which is also known as paresthesia in the medicine industry, is usually the result of the nerve damages or even a nerve disease that causes the nerves in the left arm not functioning properly.

However, there are also other causes of this tingling sensation in the left arm:

i) If you experience pain in other parts of your body when you feel the tingling sensation in your left arm such as your jaw or your chest, it can be a warning sign of an oncoming heart attack. You should seek medical treatment immediately to prevent some unforeseen circumstances.

ii) The tingling sensation may also be one of the stroke symptoms. If you had experience any stroke symptoms before, you are advised to consult your doctor as your stroke may have gotten worse.

iii) It can also due to an excessive amount of stress or pressures. It will first start to feel numb before it become tingling sensation. Sometimes when you sleep on your right squeezing your left arm to your bed, you will feel numbness and tingling sensation on your left arm because of too much pressure being applied to it.

iv) It may also be a nerve disease called the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is also known as CTS. It is a disease where the median never was pressed and pressured that the blood circulation is obstructed.

v) The most common reason for the tingling sensation the left arm would be the improper blood circulation. When you wear a tight outfit or your left arm is being squeezed for some amount of time, the blood will not be able to flow through the nerves in your left and you will experience a tingling sensation.

When you experience a tingling sensation in your left arm, try to do some exercise like moving it around, stretching it back and forth because exercise will improve the blood circulation and remove the tingling sensation.

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