What Can Too Much Working Out Do To Your Body

You love to exercise or you need to shed some pounds just to tone up so you work out everyday but you do not know what can too much working out do to your body. It actually does you more harms than good. Although working out and building up those muscles and stamina does make you healthier but you cannot do it too much. Too much of working out could harm you.

You will be so addicted to working out that you are actually suffering from an addiction. This could bring a very devastating result. Although you will definitely lose weight but it will not be the kind you wanted. When you lose weight from working out addiction, your body will start to starve itself and releases a hormone that mobilizes sugar or glucose for energy, called cortisol. It does sounds like a good hormone, which in fact it is a good hormone but when it is produced too much, you will have a weaker immune system, you feel that you are weaker and very prone to injury. This is because when your body produced too much cortisol it will eat your muscle mass. You will eventually become weaker, always feeling tired and you will find it hard to concentrate in anything you do.

When you work out too much, you will be prone to injuries. Human’s body work in somewhat similar way compared to a machine, it have a limit and you need to put it to rest when it reaches the limit. When you work out too much, your muscles tendons become strain and you are putting them at risk. Your muscle tendons may tear and your bones may experience overstress fracture.

Your immune system will become weaker because your body is eating itself up. Your antibody will be weaker because your body will need more nutrients to treat those injured muscles. In result, you are prone to cold and viruses. If you do realize that if you work out too much and do not rest, you catch cold and fever easily compared to other people.

You will also have sleeping problem. You will find it hard to sleep at night and when you finally fell asleep, the sleep will never feel enough for you as when you wake up the next day, you will feel more tired and sleepy before you sleep. The result, you may start dozing off at work or at school and will have a very unproductive day ahead.

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