What Can I Do To Lose My Belly

To lose one’s belly one needs to pay attention on the diet you consume and the exercise routine you follow and see whether they are balanced with each other. Crash diets only help up to a certain degree and may leave side effects. You should aim to lose weight loss over time, with a regime that’s easy to maintain after you have lost the initial weight on your belly.

There is no weight-loss routine that works well for everybody. For some people it takes longer to lose weight in the belly area, than others. So, you have to consider your body type and work out a timeline that works best for you. Also before starting any diet or exercise regime it is always a good idea to consult your doctor.

You need both regular exercise and diet monitoring to lose belly-fat. You have to weigh the number of calorie intake and calories burned and plan out your diet according. For instance, an average woman, with light to moderate activity might need only 1900-2200 calories per day compared to a woman with a large built and active lifestyle. Similarly average men require more calories than women (2500-3000 for an average built) depending on their lifestyle.

Also the type of calories you intake is important, as some foods maybe high in calorie but are good for you. Avoid foods that are high in Trans fat (any food that is made with partially hydrogenated oils) and concentrate more on foods that are lean and rich in whole grains. Include more servings of vegetable, fruits in your diet and eat frequent smaller meals spanned throughout the day.  The portion is also a factor to be considered. When we are hungry we tend to over-eat. The food takes 20 minutes or so to reach the stomach after intake – so it is important to chew well and eat slowly – when the tummy is full it sends out a signal to the brain.

Enough said about diet. The truth of the matter is that you will not lose your belly unless you exercise. The type of exercise routine also determines how fast you lose your belly. Cardiovascular exercises burn more calories and more often than not belly fat is the first to go. A combination of aerobics and sit-up routines help tone the belly. Crunches and sit ups are said to increase the muscle content and raises your metabolic rate, and helps to sculpt you body.  These days are a lot of videos and exercise routines that can give you some direction. But in the end your hard and persistence will aid you in achieving a flat belly.

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