What Can I Do To Loose My Belly

Looking pregnant is not what everybody wants to look like. Worse if you are a man and you have a belly that makes you looks like a pregnant woman who are about to due. Yes, the beer taste good, the double cheese burger taste good as well but do not forget that the taste doesn’t last long in your mouth but the belly will. It will even last forever if you are not taking any initiative to lose it. Now you should start thinking, what can I do to loose my belly?

To lose that belly you will definitely need to exercise and control your diet but you must always remember that it does not happen over night. It takes time, a long time in fact. This is because that belly that you are trying to lose contains a lot of fats and calories that you suppose to burn and has been accumulating for over the years. It may take months of hard and discipline exercise as well as a controlled diet.

One of the best method to lose that belly is to exercise and the best exercise would be the run and walk method. Where you run as fast as you for 20 minutes without stopping. Keep in mind that it is alright if your maximum speed is not that fast because what you are trying to do now is to lose fat not to compete or showing off. After the intense run, you walk briskly for 30 minutes. Walking actually burn more fats that running and by running you actually release endorphins and epinephrine. Then after that you should start building up muscles. As muscle burns fat 24 hours and 7 days a week. Which means that your muscles burn fat even when you are fast asleep.

Next thing that you must take care is diets. When you are at the initial stage of losing weight it is very hard to stay positive as the healthy food that you are about to consume will taste like crap compared to other food that you usually consume. Try to totally remove fast food from your diet list as it contains a lot of unhealthy fats that will only make your belly bigger when you are actually working hard to lose it. Do not succumb to the temptation of the fat and unhealthy food because if you do consume them, all your hardwork will go down to the drain.

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