What Can Cause Elevated Creatinine

Creatinine is a body waste that is usually carried by the blood through the bloodstream to kidney and it is released out from the body through urine. Creatinine is also known as a magical substance from our body due to its ability of keeping our bodies young, strong and keeping us up with high agility. The level of creatinine usually depends on the person’s activities. If the person is an active person, he/she tends to have a higher count of creatinine in the body compared to other normal people. Creatinine is the result of metabolism process of the Creatine, a substance in the body that help the body to store energy. It is necessary to our body but too much of creatinine will be bad to a person. What can cause elevated Creatinine?

Creatinine is an acid produced by the body to help the muscle to function better. Therefore it is an important element in the body that keeps us energized. The level of Creatinine is depending on a person’s age. Since it is a substance to help the muscle, more can be found in an adult in an age range of 18 to 40 because in that range, human’s muscle are at it’s peak.

Therefore it is normal for an adult to have higher level of creatinine compared to the babies and elderly people as their muscles are less developed compared to the adults.

However, there are some conditions that can cause elevated creatinine level. High blood pressure, diabetes and hypertension are known to cause damages to human’s body natural filtration ability, which is usually run in the kidneys. When the body’s filtration system is damaged, the body cannot naturally release creatinine through urination anymore and this will cause an elevated creatinine level.

The kidneys are the natural filters in our body that removes creatinine out of our body. If there is a elevated creatinine level in our body it have something to do with our kidneys malfunction. However, if you are on a prescribed medication, do consult your doctor as some drugs are known to a side effect that cause elevated creatinine level in the body. Also if you consume too much meat in your diets it will also cause an elevated creatinine level in the body.

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