What Are The Symptoms Of Early Heart Disease

Heart disease are deadly disease that if it is not diagnosed and treated early. If you smoke, have high cholesterol count and overweight, you are most likely to have a heart disease and if it is not treated, it will cause you your life. Where as if it is diagnosed and being treated early it may save lives but what are the symptoms of early heart disease?

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A lot of people ask the same question because it is important to know the symptoms in order to find out whether you have a heart disease or not. Knowing about the conditions early will save you your life if it is in an early stage.
The few symptoms of early heart disease are:

i) Chest pain. Although there few more symptoms that are more alarming that chest pain, this symptom is not to be ignored as it is one of the earliest symptoms of heart disease that will show up. If you suffer pain, a squeezing feeling, pressure, choking in the area of your chest and neck it is likely a chest pain. As the description of chest pain is very vague.

ii) Heart Palpitations. Is a condition where a person experiences irregular heartbeats. They may feel that their heartbeat skipped as in that it pauses and then it is followed by a particularly strong beat. If you seem to experience this situation it is advised that you consult your doctor immediately.

iii) Shortness of breath. People that are suffering from heart failure usually will experience shortness of breath with exertion, they will also experience this even when they are lying flat on their backs. They may also experience a shortness of breath when they are sleeping resulting them to wake up at night gasping for breath. Shortness of breath is a sign of a significant medical problem and you should consult your doctor where you experience this.

iv) Fatigue. Although this is a very common medical symptom, it can be one of the symptom of heart disease. Individuals with fatigue will need to consult with their doctor in order to find out the main reason that causes it. It maybe heart disease or it maybe a medical condition, which is generally known as narcolepsy.

Recommended: Special Report On Heart Disease And How To Cure It

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