What Are The Symptoms Of Anxiety

Anxiety is a problem that is seen in many people. Even each one of us would have suffered from anxiety at some point in our life. The anxiety can be for an exam or when the person is trying to try to attend an interview or any other such activity. In some people the anxiety can be seen on the outside, but other people hide their anxiety and look cool. When a person is very anxious often, it can lead to various diseases psychologically. So a person should know what are the symptoms of anxiety so that they will be able to prevent the complications of anxiety related problems.

There are many symptoms of anxiety. Some of these symptoms are barely noticeable by a person other than the individual who is affected by anxiety. There are some symptoms that are very obvious even to a person who has never seen an anxious person. Many people become anxious along with the stress caused by a event that is not really under the control of the individual.

Worry is an important sign of anxiety. A person who is anxious will be worrying constantly and may even tell out the worry to some one who is near the person. The next important sign of the person who is anxious is the nervousness that is exhibited by the individual. The person will be nervous and this nervousness can be seen as the individual may be biting their nails, scratching their head or doing some other activity that exhibits the nervousness.

The individual who is very anxious may become panicked very easily. This is because of various reasons. The individual who is anxious might constantly worry that something may go wrong even though things are going on well. This worry can make the person get jittery and also panic when things go wrong even to a small extent.

Another thing that a person who is anxious exhibits as a symptom is the increased fatigue that is both mental as well as physical in nature. A person who is anxious will be constantly thinking and worrying. This will make the person to have an increase in the fatigue because of the mental stress.

The person who is anxious will also have a higher blood pressure because of the stress and the worry. The heart rate can also be increased because of the thought that things might go wrong. These are the various signs and symptoms that can be present in a person who is anxious.

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