What Are The Shortness Of Breath Causes

Many people around us complain of shortness of breath. Even we would have felt a shortness of breath sometime in our life when we have either walked for a long distance or when we have run for a distance. This is a normal condition where shortness of breath occurs because of excessive exercise. Other than this normal shortness of breath, many people can have a medical condition that can cause the shortness of breath. So what are the shortness of breath causes that people should know to seek appropriate medical advice.

The first non medical cause of shortness of breath is when an individual has been doing a lot of physical exertion activity, then the person can have shortness of breath. This is not a diseased status, but a common problem that can be easily overcome by pacing the activity that is done.

Lung disease is a common problem that can cause the person to have shortness of breath. When the individual has various lung problems, the air that can enter into the lungs will be less than the normal and this ca cause the lungs to not expand properly. This in turn will make the patient gasp to try and get more air into the lungs. This is a cause of shortness of breath in many people and needs immediate medical attention.

Cardiac problems can also cause shortness of breath because when the person is not able to breathe enough because the fluid collection that occurs because of the cardiac disease can compress the lung. This again causes decreased expansion of the lung leading to gasping in the patient.

When a person travels to a very high altitude, the area will have decreased oxygen than the plains and this is another reason that the person has shortness of breath and try to breathe as hard as possible to get as much of Oxygen as possible.

Another reason for the shortness of breath that occurs is the pain in the chest wall area that occurs after any injury or trauma. This can cause the person to not be able to breathe fully as the pain will decrease the ability of the person to breathe fully. This is another reason for the person to have decreased ability to breathe fully leading to shortness of breath.

These are the most common reasons that can cause shortness of breath in a person. There are various other conditions that are not so common but can have some signs of shortness of breath.

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