What Are The Reasons To Break Up

A break up can occur in the life of any couple. The couple may seem to be the best couple in the world. The fact is that no one knows what happens in the life of the couple that can lead to a break up. Each and every couple should know what are the reasons to break up, so that they may try to avoid these things. This will make sure that they have a normal and happy life together. In fact all couples should try their best to avoid a break up, but there are reasons where a break up is not preventable.

The most common reason for break up is infidelity. Many men and women who seemingly have a happy and contented life may suddenly start having an affair with another person and this usually ends in a break up. The reason is that the person who has been faithful cannot comprehend or digest the fact that they have been faithful, but have been cheated upon by the partner. It is very difficult for the person to forgive the other person and this leads to a break up. In fact the statistics show that having affairs have led to break ups in more families than any other reason.

The other most common reason for a break up is the children in the family. Even the lack of children can lead to a break up. There are people who want to have children with their partner. Their partners may not want to have a child and this can cause a break up in the family. At the same time, the fact that children are already born in the family and the couple are not able to spend as much time as they used to also can lead to a break up because many couples drift apart after the birth of a child.

Physical abuse is another common reason for break up in couples. The most common form of domestic violence is physical abuse where the husband beats up the wife. There are very rare instances of the wife harming the husband too, but the common type of violence is when the man injures or just beats up the wife. This is traumatic to the partner who is on the receiving end. This is one of the strongest reasons for a break up because there is no reason for a person to be abused by another person just because they are together and breaking up is the only way in which the abuse will end.

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