What Are The Reasons For Missed Period

Missed period is the most fearsome thing that could happen to a woman unless she is expecting pregnancy. Although pregnancy is the first thing that comes into mind when a woman missed her period, it is usually not the case because there are many reasons people tend to have late period and if you are not expecting pregnancy, you will be able to breathe with relief because there are other reasons for missed period other than pregnancy. You must be thinking, what are the reasons for missed period?

With the current world situation where everything goes in a fast pace, it is very common for people to have stress. For women, stress can affect many things in their life, which is including their menstrual cycle or known as periods. When a woman’s body is stressed out, the body system will reduce the amount of hormone that causes the body to not ovulate. You can consult your doctor to find out what you need to do to relax and get back on your menstrual cycle.

A sudden illness can confuse your body’s hormone and this will cause your period to be delays. However, this situation is usually temporary. Change in medications can cause confusions to you body and you are advised to consult your doctor about the side effect of the medications. If you are on birth control pills, you must consult your doctor for the type of birth control that suits your current body condition the most. Being overweight can hormonally shift your cycles and even stop them because your body system may get covered by the excessive amount of fats. However, you can always exercise and try to lose weight and you will see your menstrual cycles come back after you have loss some weight.

The menstrual cycle varies from woman to woman. Some woman will have menstrual cycle of 28 days long but it is not true for everyone. Sometimes you may lost track of your menstrual cycle because of your busy schedule and you may thought that you have missed your period. It is advised that you keep a calendar schedule on your menstrual cycle.

Last reason for missed periods, will be pregnancy and it will be the good news for women who are expecting it. You can buy pregnancy test to test whether you are pregnant or not.

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