What Are The Reasons For High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by the blood as it flows through an artery on the walls of the artery. This can also be said in another way that when the artery walls are narrow, the pressure increases. When the blood pressure is more than what should be normally present, this condition is called as high blood pressure or hypertension. There can be many reasons for the increase in blood pressure or high blood pressure. So what are the reasons for high blood pressure

There are actually many reasons that cause an increase in the blood pressure. Obesity is a common cause of high blood pressure. When the Body Mass Index or the BMI of an individual is more than 30, then the individual usually has hypertension. Similarly, when the individual has a sedentary lifestyle, then there is a high chance of obesity which can again lead to high blood pressure.

Age of the person is also a factor that can cause increased blood pressure. As a person becomes older, the blood pressure can increase. The history of hypertension in the family is another cause of hypertension in an individual. Some women who take birth control pills and also those who consume alcohol are at a very high risk of getting high blood pressure. So these alcohol abuse and oral contraceptive pills also can be considered to be the causes of high blood pressure in a few people.

Increased Sodium intake can cause high blood pressure. The common salt used in the diet is a major cause of the hypertension in people and a decrease in the intake of salt helps to reduce the hypertension.

There are various other diseases that if present can also cause an elevation in the blood pressure of an individual. Chronic kidney disease is one of the major causes of high blood pressure. In case there is any tumor in the adrenal gland, then that can cause an elevated blood pressure. In some women, there is an elevation of the blood pressure when they are pregnant. This hypertension during pregnancy usually disappears after the baby is delivered. Thyroid dysfunction too can cause an increase in the blood pressure of the individual.

These are the various causes of increased blood pressure. Some of these causes can be easily modified to reduce the blood pressure, though some other factors cannot be modified. Adequate control of the high blood pressure is essential to have a fulfilling life.

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