What Are The Reasons For Dumping Your Boyfriend

You just got into a relationship with a guy that you really like and everything seems so perfect at first. You go to the same diner everyday and everything seems so flowery. The food somehow taste nicer, everything is sweeter and the world is more beautiful. This is called the new period of a couple where in this time frame everything is beautiful and everything seems to be right. This situation will not last forever, sorry for hurtful but true fact. As the relationship goes longer, you will get bored of your boyfriend and you will eventually break up with him. This got you thinking, what are the reasons for dumping your boyfriend?

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Although there is no sure reason to dump your boyfriend, there are reasons for you not to tolerate his bad behavior or if you can’t tolerate this but you just let it go, you will not find the right guy for you and will not be happy until you found the right guy for you.

When you boyfriend no longer consider your feelings anymore. For example, if you were to get into an accident and break your leg (touch wood!), your boyfriend does not rush to the hospital and look for you. Instead he is at the bar drinking with his buddies and he does not call to check up on you even he found out about your situation. It is a very valid reason for you to dump your boyfriend.

You could no longer stand him when you used to adore how cute his smile is, how funny his joke was and how he always say anything that will make your day. Now, you got annoyed at everything he said, when he smile or wink at you, you feel like slapping his face and his joke, no matter how funny it is. Is always too lame for your liking. It is the big sign, that you should dump your boyfriend.

You are no longer happy with him anymore, you argue a lot whenever you are with him. Every single day of the relationship is no longer sunshine to you, instead it is a gloomy rainy days. You are depressed every single second you are with him. This is the very obvious reason for you to dump your boyfriend. You can’t be together with a person you are not happy with.

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