What Are The Potential Uses Of The iphone

People may not realize the full potential of their iPhone. Its use is not limited to phone calling, but this smartphone offers a full communication and entertainment system which is at your your disposal even when you are on the move. Its amazing uses is due to the vast number of “Apps” that are available for download. The potential uses include the following:

Telephone calling: The iPhone has a lot of features including audio conferencing and call merging.

Data Storage: this stores a huge amount of data in the electronic format. Data includes documents, images, and other data.

Internet access: The iPhone can also be used for internet access, including sending and receiving emails. This is possible by using the 3G network or wireless network at home. It is a handy gadget for people who like to access their mails and data while on the move.

Networks like Facebook, Twitter have also been integrated with the iPhone. Applications like WordPress can be installed in your iPhone to enable you network and update your account while on vacation.

Camera: the iPhone allows you to take pictures and store them. It comes with software for uploading and sending pictures.

Music: iPhones have an inbuilt MP3 player and along with a movie clip player. It supports sorting and management of audio and video files. iTunes is a popular software which is compatible with this product and iPods. Among the popular Apps is an internet radio, Pandora, which gives you access to a huge stock of songs.

Games and movies can also be downloaded on the iPhone. There are many games developed for the iPhone. Some games are free and some are available for a small price. The great number of games available for the iPhone is far beyond what its competitors offers.

Another brilliant feature that comes with this product is the ability to accept payments, after charging a standard fee. This feature is a boon for small businesses. iPhone has something to offer to all – something to keep children occupied, news for people who like to keep themselves informed, and for business people who can travel without compromising on their daily tasks.

This device offers a complete entertainment package, which is at your disposal while on the move.
Apart from these incredible features iPhones also contain calendar, GPS, clock and calculator.

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