What Are The Natural Causes Of Global Warming

Global warming is a phenomenon that has been in the news for a long time now. This is because of the increased effects of this on the climate of the world. People are suffering from drastic climate change that has been attributed to the global warming. Man made cause of the global warming is the one that is well known, but there are also some natural causes that are very less known. What are the natural causes of global warming that can also cause climate change.

The man made causes of global warming have a more profound effect on the climate because the man made causes of global warming only increase all the time and there is very little or no chance of a decrease in the warming unless something very effective is drawn out by the politicians who debate on the global warming and also the climate change.

The most common natural cause of climate change is the volcanic eruptions that occur in many places around the earth. These volcanic eruptions are very dangerous cause of global warming because these eruptions cause a lot of dust and other particles to be thrown up into the air for a long time. These eruptions cause the hot lava to flow for a long time. This can alter the temperature of a large area. This is one of the primary causes of the global warming that occurs naturally. There are many volcanic eruptions that occur on land and also under the sea. These cause global warming.

The spots on the sun are areas of considerable less heat than the areas that have no spots on the sun. When the part of the Earth is exposed to the area of the Sun that has very less sun spots, the temperature of the area increases. This causes the warming of vast areas f land that can cause global warming.

The other important aspect of a natural global warming is the presence of the North an the South pole that have vast tracts of ice land. When the Earth rotates on the Axis, it may not be always in the same axis and the axis can change mildly. This mild tilt of the Earth causes the Sun’s rays to fall on the North and South Pole causing the ice to melt more than it usually does. This warms the surrounding areas and this is another natural cause of global warming.

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