What Are The Medical Causes Of Leg Cramps

All of us have felt the cramping in our legs at least once in our lifetime. We have all wondered at that time as to what are the medical causes of leg cramps. Here the medical causes are listed and will detail all the possible causes of leg cramps. The cramp in the leg can be a sudden increased pain or sustained contraction that is painful.

The cramp can be very severe in some people and they may be unable to walk. In other people, it can be of the milder variety leading to difficulty, but the individuals with minor cramps of the leg may walk with a bit of difficulty.

Decreased minerals like Calcium and magnesium in the system are one of the most important causes of leg cramps. These minerals can be lost when there is excessive sweat lost from the human body due to various activities. So both dehydration and the loss of fluids from the body as sweat are the major causes of cramps because as the fluids are lost from the human body, it causes a loss of the said minerals and these combine to cause leg cramps.

Another important and common cause of leg cramps is the inactivity that is seen in many elderly people. When these people who are not regularly active do some activity, the leg cramps occur as the muscles are unable to meet the demand of the sudden and excessive activity. This type of leg cramps can also be seen in small children who are not very active.

Some disease conditions like varicose veins and Addison’s disease also cause leg cramps and these should be immediately treated because these can be very damaging for the body. The individual who suffers with leg cramps on a regular basis should consult a physician and rule out these dangerous diseases.

Muscle spasm and fatigue can also be reasons for the leg cramps. The person who wonders as to what are the medical causes of leg cramps may also wonder about how muscle spasm and muscle fatigue can cause leg cramps. This occurs because of the spasm of the muscles of the lower limb which are in a state where they are acting continuously without rest. When this occurs, there is a buildup of lactic acid in the muscles and this lactic acid build up in the muscle tissue can lead to more pain and also cause cramps of the leg.

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