What Are The Medical Causes Of Excessive Sweating

Sweating is usually a natural phenomenon that is caused by many conditions like hot weather and excessive exercise. These are conditions where the sweat helps to maintain the temperature of the body by removing the heat and cooling the body by excreting the water from the body as sweat. Along with this water, some unwanted elements and some wanted elements can also be excreted. These are the non medical causes of sweating. It makes us think if there are some medical causes for sweating and what are the medical causes of excessive sweating.

The term excessive sweating is medically known as hyperhidrosis and it I in itself a medical condition that requires treatment if the sweating interferes with the regular life of the person. One of the major and most common causes of excessive sweating is the abnormal functioning of the nerves in the body. Actually the brain and the nerves have something like a circuit and whenever there is a abnormal rise in temperature of the body, the nerves stimulate sweating to cool the body.

When the nerves or the brain do not function in their normal capacity, they cause the body to sweat a lot and this is one of the most important medical causes of sweating.

Heart attacks can also cause excessive sweating in a person. This sweating is because of the pain in the person that causes a reflex sweating. The sweating can also occur in a person who has not eaten for a long time. People who suffer from low sugar or glucose levels in the blood can also have episodes of excessive sweating, but these sweating episodes do not occur on a regular basis, but only when the individual has a low sugar level in the blood.

Obesity is another medical cause of sweating. Though many people may not consider obesity as a medical condition, it is becoming a problem in the health care of individuals and so should be considered to be a medical problem. Obesity increases the pace at which the sweat glands have to eliminate the unwanted stuff from the body.

When the spinal cord of a person is injured in any traumatic condition, the person affected by the injury has a high risk of having excessive sweating. This is because there is a break in the circuit between the brain and the peripheral nerves. This leads to abnormal and excessive sweating in the person. This is another of the medical causes of excessive sweating.

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