What Are The Main Causes Of Heart Disease

In the United States, one in every three adults is diagnosed with heart disease. However, heart diseases are commonly observed among teens as well as adults. Heart disease affects the normal functioning of blood vessels, arteries, veins and heart. There are approximately 60 types of heart diseases and it is the number one killer in the United States as well as the European country. According to the study, the deaths in United States due to heart disease account for 27% of the total deaths each year. You maybe wondering what are the main causes of heart disease?

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We often heard that smoking is bad for health and people tend to ignore it. It is not effective for smokers until they are diagnose with some dangerous disease. Every year, the number of deaths resulting from cigarette addiction is increasing drastically. According to a study, smoking 16 cigarettes per day will decrease your life span for at least six and a half years. No matter what you are smoking, it is equally harmful to your body.

Smoking is harmful to the body because of tobacco, which is the main ingredients to cigarette contain high amount of nicotine, an alkaloid that is responsible to the addiction. Smoking increases the heart beat and the nicotine and other harmful materials found in the cigarette are known to narrowing the arteries causing the blockage of blood vessels. The nicotine also known to reduce body ability into processing the good cholesterol causing those cholesterol to clot up the arteries.

A healthy diet is necessary to prevent heart disease because one of the main causes of heart disease is an unhealthy diet, which consists of fast food with high saturated fats and beverages containing colorants, preservatives and high amount of sugar will cause you heart to get weaker day by day because it will need to work harder to pump the blood to the whole body.

Another main cause of heart disease is lack of exercise because when you exercise, you are training your heart to work harder. This is to prevent your hear to wear out as you get older because when your heart wears out, it will get weaker combined with your unhealthy diets, will cause you heart disease.

****** Recommended: Are you preparing for or recovering from heart valve surgery? Read Patient’s Guide To Heart Valve Surgery

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