What Are The Disadvantages Of Being Single

The major disadvantage of being single is loneliness. Although single people love their independence, and the ability of making their own decisions about their life, being alone on a sad depressing day makes them think twice about their choice of lifestyle. There are some definite disadvantages of being single and the reason why people look forward to finding someone they can share their life with.

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Another major disadvantage of being single is not being able to share their household expenses with someone. Unless you are sharing your house with a roommate, it is hard to shell out money every month for the regular expenses like rent, utilities, grocery, and recreation. Having a partner can save you some extra dollars that you can put away for a rainy day.

Besides saving, not being able to take regular holidays for lack of money or company is another disadvantage o f being single. It is fun when two people can take a trip together and start planning for it. People like taking vacations with their own families, and for single people, if you are not the adventurous type, it might be tough planning a vacation alone.

During the holiday season, you realize the importance of being with a partner. Being single is a disadvantage because everybody around you in family gatherings, company get-togethers are with their significant others, and might make you feel left out. I know that single people prefer hanging out with their single friends as spending time with their couple- friends makes them feel out of place.

The other disadvantage in being single not having anybody to cater to them when they are ill, in an accident or a tough situation. People have their own lives, and sometimes it’s difficult for single people to ask their friends and family for help when they need comforting. At times when you are sick, you need someone to take care of your basic needs, and to be with you all the time till you get better.

Constant pressure from family and friends to find a partner is another disadvantage. Even though you might be happy on your own, and do not feel the need to find somebody to intimately share your life with, it is tough to ward off questions from family and friends every time you meet them. Since ours is a society where the need to have a family, and sharing your life with someone special takes priority, being single always seems like a disadvantage.

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