What Are The Different Types Of College Degrees

In the United States of America, where educations are essential in everybody’s life there are many many types of college degrees. Since the 1800s, all the accredited four-year universities level have followed the uniform system of education from degrees, master and doctorate level. Community or junior college in the other hand have adapted a different set of pattern which is usually known as the two-year associate’s degree. However, the big question here is what are the different types of college degrees because all types of college degrees have different focuses and programs.

Junior college, which is the smaller colleges representing different communities or counties have a pretty standardize college degrees. The associate degree will be awarded after two years of full study and it will represents pre-professional areas of study. They are offered as two different types of college degrees, the transfer degrees and career degrees. The transfer degrees are transferable if you wish to further degree at a four-year-university.

College degrees offered at universities begin with the bachelor’s degree and this degree is finished through four full years of classes, although it can be shortened and extended. The most common bachelor degrees attained in the United States are the Bachelor of Arts and also the Bachelor of Science. They required a certain number of elective courses, a declared major and a number of higher level courses in the area of concentration. These college degrees are equivalent to many degrees awarded throughout Europe and Asia.

There are higher college degrees than bachelor degree and it is more difficult. Master’s degree is obtained after you put additional one or two years of study after a bachelor’s degree. Having a Master’s degree will allow you demand for higher salary in your professional workplace. There are also many specialized courses for Master’s degree and one of the most famous Master’s degree is the Master in Business Administration (M.B.A).

A level higher than Master’s degree will be the doctorate and it can only be obtain after putting another 2 years of studying after you get your Master’s degree. The doctorate is usually pursued by high education professions like lawyers, banker and professors because they will need to be ahead of the curve in their profession.

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