What Are The Difference Between Mole And Birthmark

The skin is an important part of the body. The skin adds beauty to the person. The skin color has been the main reason for many people fighting with each other. The skin color is also the reason for racism and many other problems. The skin needs to be without any blemish, but there are times when a small change in the color of the skin can add beauty to the person.

In fact, some birth marks are supposed to increase the beauty of the person. On the other hand, the mole is a darkened part of the skin that may be raised. The color of the mole may vary in different people. The mole can sometimes become cancerous. So what are the difference between mole and birthmark so that you do not need to worry unduly about a birthmark.

The mole is a collection of the melanocytes. It is present from birth in most people, though it is not visible. On the other hand, the birthmark is present right from the time of the birth of the child. In fact the birth mark is present from birth and is also visible. So, if you have a dark spot developing, then it is most likely to be a mole rather than a birthmark. This is the major difference.

There is another important difference between a mole and a birthmark. The mole is something that can increase in the size. It can also become raised suddenly. These are all signs of an active lesion and the mole that is active can lead to skin cancer too, or be an early sign of skin cancer and so should be carefully treated.

The birthmark that is seen in a person is something that does not change in the size at all. Though s the person grows, the birthmark may seem to grow proportionately, it is not a growth in the actual size of the mark. These birthmarks are also not raised and are just present all through the life of the person.

The mole is usually smaller in size and the pigmentation on the skin is concentrated in a small area. This makes the mole to be knows as a beauty spot, because if the single spot that is seen on the surface of the skin. On the other hand, the birthmark need not be concentrated over a smaller area. It may be a bigger area right from the time of the birth, though it never becomes bigger in size later.

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