What Are The Causes Of Teenage Drinking

Teenage drinking is on the rise. Drinking has always been a fad with this age group. Most of them think it’s glamorous and trendy to be seen holding a bottle beer or a glass of wine in their hands. It does not help, I suppose when there is such bombardment of advertisements, and alcohol so readily available around you. Every individual has his/her own reasons but the most evident causes of teenage drinking have been described below.

Teenagers are under a lot of peer pressure. They want to belong and fit it. They are at that age when the opinions of their friends helps make their decision. If they are in group where they feel that drinking is cool and want to be included in the group they might opt for drinking with company.

Growing up with alcoholic parents or relatives might also drive some teenagers towards drinking. If, as children, they have always seen their parents escape dealing with issues and resorting to drinking, it’s probable that they will mimic the parents’ behavior. Some parents introduce alcohol to their children even before they are at a legal drinking age, and support drinking parties for them. That could send out a wrong message to teenagers, and eventually and teenagers might resort to drinking, thinking it acceptable.

Alternately, too many restrictions at home can also drive teenagers to drinking as a form of rebellion. It is often seen that very strict parents have children who do the craziest of things, just to express themselves and try to break free. There should be balance when raising teenagers. It’s their age to explore and may go astray. Parents have to keep a lookout and be vigilant, and at the same time given freedom to their teenagers to express themselves.

Sometimes, life can be tough and when they are on their own teenagers may not be able to handle the pressures in life. Problems in their studies or relationships, if not tackled well, might lead to a drinking addiction, as a form of escape. It’s very important to talk to teenagers about their tussles in life, and help them deal with their emotional issues so that they do not bottle up their feelings inside.

By looking at some of the causes of teenage drinking, may help us to get to the root of the problem, to help alleviate it. Also, it will help understand how to educate them about the perils of drinking and driving, alcoholism and introduce the concept of responsible drinking. Drinking alcohol should not the only means of recreation; boredom is not an excuse to drink. Open communication, correct information and unconditional support from family are what teenagers need.

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