What Are The Causes Of Sharp Pain Chest – Intercostal Myalgia

There are a lot of causes for the sharp pain in the chest. It can be the cardiac causes and noncardiac causes. The sharp pain in the chest will come suddenly and they will only last for a few couple of seconds and after that you will be fine as before. Although the instant strike of the chest pain is an intense amount of pain, most of us just bear with the pain and continue through our daily ignoring the chest pain that occurs only about one a week or some, one a month.

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However if you experience the sharp chest pain which is always is on your left side, it is not a problem that is related to the heart. This is because the nerves of the heart are all located in the centre of the chest.

chest pain

Therefore it is not a heart related pain but it is the muscles in between the ribs which is known as the intercostals and the pain is known as intercostal myalgia in the scientific term. If you are suffering from this situation, do not worry because this is not a serious condition.

Intercostals myalgia occurs when the muscles is stressed up from a strain, repetitive exercise, muscle spasm and a simple cramp. The duration of the pain will be a way to determine the cause of the sharp pain in the chest. If you work out or the a type of person who is active in sports, you usually are stressing your intercostals and you will not be aware of it. When you feel the pain it is usually after your training where you are resting it is because the muscles in the intercostals are contracting quick and it will cause a chest pain to you but when you ignore it, the pain will just go away.

The reasons of the pain can also be a trapped of a damaged never. You can take painkillers if the pain is unbearable and the painkillers will help you stand against the pain until it eventually goes away.

It could also because of inflammation in the joint in between of the rib and breastbone, also known as costochondritis wich always caused by stress and heavy loading.

The caused of sharp chest pain is know known, if it’s not a heart disease it will one of the few causes that I have mentioned.

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