What Are The Causes Of Seizures

Inside human’s brain, there are millions of specialized nerve cells that transmit electrical impulses called neurons. These impulses are way of communication between the brain with any other part of your body. It is a signal or a code of communication in your body. If there is a misfire in impulses, seizure will occur but you are thinking, what are the causes of seizures? Seizure is a frightening experience if you have watched someone who caught seizure or you may have experienced it for yourself. However, seizure is not contagious, which means that you will not catch seizures if you have a contact by someone having seizures.

Seizures can occur to anybody from infants to an elderly person. For young children and babies under 5 years old may experience seizures when they are having fever or drinking too much water. This is because when young children’s body temperature gone to the extreme, too high or too low from them normal body temperature, the brain will get confused and seizure will occur. Where as for the elderly people who are suffering from alzheimer’s disease are more prone to seizures attack compared to those who doesn’t.

Epilepsy is the condition of having multiple seizures at one. However, you don’t need to be diagnosed with epilepsy to have a seizure. There are several causes of seizures such as fever, high or low amount of sugar in the blood, tumor, injure, electrolyte imbalance and also drug withdrawal. There some factors that you can rectify and will not seize anymore seizures. However, in another case of seizures such as brain injury, the seizure may be permanent. If you are experiencing from permanent seizures, it is advisable that you go for therapy so that you will be able to manage your seizures.

However, not all seizures are the same. For example, generalized tonic clonic seizures are will cause the person that suffering from seizures to body jerking and stiffening of the entire body, where another type of seizures, absence seizures will cause the invidual that is suffering from it to appear as if they are staring off into the space, there also type of seizures that might involve the twitching of some parts your body.

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