What Are The Causes Of Racial Profiling

In the multi racial country like the United States of America, stereotyping does exist in the country. For example, the stereotype of how the Asians are smart and not a good driver, Indians are either doctor, lawyer or grocery store keeper. Although the statements about certain race are not true but people tend to believe and continue to stereotype a certain race. The situation got worse when racial profiling exists. What are the causes of racial profiling?

Racial profiling is the more serious issue than stereotyping a certain race because racial profiling is an action of the enforcement bodies of making conclusion of a person’s racial or ethnic background in determining the likeliness for them to commit a particular type of crime. This practice has been around for centuries. However, it become highly controversial in this century as the law enforcers tend to use it as an excuse for them to abuse the law.

You maybe familiar with a few situations of you may have experienced it for yourself. Usually during a motor vehicle search, the most common situation where the law enforcers apply the racial profiling will profile the Asians as the traffic offender, the White as the drunk driver while the African American to be carrying drug or is under the influence of drug. Although it is highly controversial and unacceptable in the eyes of the public, it is however statistically proven that racial profiling lead to a higher probability of catching the law offenders.

This situation may arise from the cultural background of a race. For example, the Latin ethnic American comes from a very poor country. Their fore fathers come to America to pursue a higher standard of living, making them to work very hard and often forgotten about educating their children about moral values. The child, being innocent and mentally fragile will learn all the immoral things from the street. Forcing them to sway away from the society.

However, we are all now living in the 20th century. Where education is available to everybody and every race are treated equally. Racial profiling should not exist anymore.

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