What Are The Causes Of Nose Bleeding

Nose bleeding is a very common problem that many people have encountered at some point in their life. This can be caused by very simple problems. At times the nose bleed can be the first sign of a very serious underlying problem too. So it is very important for every person to know what are the causes of nose bleeding. This will help them to understand the seriousness of the situation when the nose bleed occurs.

The most simple and common cause of the nose bleeding is trauma where the nose is directly injured. The cause may be due to a fist fight where the nose is injured. The nose can also be injured when an individual falls face first on the ground either while walking or running. At times some auto accidents can also cause nose bleeds when the nose is injured. These kind of nose bleeds can make the individual lose a lot of blood as the bleeding can go on for a long time. Immediate treatment is very important to prevent loss of blood. One of the common methods of controlling this type of bleeding is to have a ice pack applied over the nose where it is bleeding from.

The other common cause of nose bleed is usually the dryness in the nostrils and the nose can become crusty. So when a person tries to nose pick or when the individual sneezes, it can cause nose bleed. This will stop almost immediately as it starts. In these people, a lubricating cream can be very helpful as it will prevent the nose from becoming dry.

The other causes of nose bleeds include nasal infection and also nasal congestions. In these kinds of nose bleeds, the individual can try to prevent the bleeding. In some people because of medications there can be bleeding. People take medications like aspirin and other tablets to prevent clots from forming in the blood. These medications can cause some spontaneous bleeding from the nose. So these medications should be only taken under the prescription of a physician. Even if they are taken under prescription, a repeat evaluation is necessary when there is an episode of spontaneous bleeding.

The other causes of nose bleeds that are less common than the ones listed above are nasal polyps and also nasal carcinoma that can cause the bleeding. These are easily identified because of other symptoms like swelling or pain and should be treated according to the diagnosis by surgical removal or other methods of treatment.

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