What Are The Causes Of Left Arm Numbness

Numbness in your left arm can signify a number of health problems and it is one of the most significant sign of a heart attack but always keep it in mind that this is not always the case. You should not ignore any pain that occurs in your body. If you feel persistent numbness in your left arm or if your arm begins to hurt even if you haven’t been engaging in physical activity, seek medical attention to determine the problem. You may want to know what are the causes of left arm numbness so that you will know the causes.

If there are fractures in your left arm, elbow or fingers, it will cause the numbness in your left arm. Numbness in hands and arms is usually accompanied with a sharp pain in the fractured area. You will need to go for an X-ray to signify this problem. The tingling sensation, along with numbness and sharp pain is the common symptom for a fractured bone in the left arm and the usually suspect can be collar bones, shoulder blade, upper arm or lower arm.

When the nerve running from the central nervous system to the left arm gets compressed, numbness usually occur. Another common causes of numbness in your left arm because when you nerve is compressed, it will interrupt the blood circulation to your left arm. If you are really unsure about the causes of numbness your left arm, you must immediately consult you doctor. You maybe suffering from never damage which is caused by diabetic neuropathy. This damage of nerves is called peripheral neuropathy and it is advisable that you visit your doctor if you are experiencing numbness in your left arm very often and you have other symptom of diabetes as well, get a confirmation from your doctor.

Stroke can be one of the causes of the left arm numbness because the blood supply to the brain is interrupted and your brain will not be able to interpret the impulses from other part of your body and your body will respond by the numbness feeling on your left arm, which serves as an alarm to tell you that you suffering from stroke.

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