What Are The Causes Of Hangovers

Hangovers are a common problem in those who drink a lot of alcohol. The hangover is a group of various symptoms that can be linked to each other. The cause though is because of the alcohol. The alcohol can directly cause the symptoms or the alcohol can indirectly cause the symptoms. So that brings us to the question what are the causes of hangovers. There are actually many causes.

The first and most common cause of hangovers are the dehydration that is caused by the drinking of alcohol. It is a well known fact that people who drink large quantities o f alcohol usually urinate nore. This causes the water in the body to be excreted. And along with the water, certain electrolytes and minerals are also excreted. This causes dehydration to occur in the person. The dehydration causes a feeling of faintness and the person may be dizzy. This is the most basic problem that causes dehydration.

The other cause of hangover is the lack of glucose in the body. The person who drinks alcohol has abnormal glucose absorption and even the glucose stored in the body can get used up for various factors. This glucose level mismatch can cause hangovers commonly.

The presence of certain additives in the alcohol can also be the cause of hangovers. The basic thing to understand here is that alcoholic drinks that are made of pure alcohol rarely cause hangovers. The presence of extra additives that are also called as congeners can cause the effect of having a hangover. The common alcoholic products that contain these additives and cause hangovers are whiskey, brandy and other such drinks.

The hangovers can also be related to the family history commonly related to the genes of the person. Some people can take many alcoholic beverages without any difficulty. Other people have a lot of alcoholic symptoms after even a single drink. This depends on the body’s tolerance to the alcohol present in the system. This plays a major role in causing hangover too. When an individual has decreased tolerance to alcohol, there is a high chance of that person getting hangovers.

These are the various common causes of hangovers. There may also be other causes like the vasodilatation that is present because of the effect of alcohol on the arteries of the body. This in turn could lead to a feeling of light headedness or dizziness which can be the cause of hangovers. The other lesser common causes of hangovers include the lack of sleep following an episode of excessive drinking. The hangover can also be due to the decrease in the tolerance of the various systems of the body including the nervous system and the gastro intestinal system.

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