What Are The Causes Of Foot Pain

Foot is a very important part of our body. This is because the person walks with the help of the foot. If the foot was damaged or not present, then the individual will have to depend on others to move around. Foot can also be the part of the body that is put through a lot of stress. This is because only when the whole weight of the body of a person is put on the foot will the person be able to walk. This said, the weight of the individual and various other factors can cause a lot of stress and also damage the foot causing pain. What are the causes of foot pain is a common query that we come across if one is a medical professional.

Foot pain can occur due to various causes, some of these causes being very simple and easy to treat. There are various other causes of foot pain that can be very severe in nature and the treament of this kind of foot pain can also be challenging. The foot pain in an individual can be because of arthritis which is usually caused by the injury at a younger age. The arthritis that causes foot pain can also occur due to the increased weight that causes a lot of stress on the foot of the individual.

A person who has foot pain can have it because of damage to the bones of the foot in an injury that can be due to a simple fall or a major accident. The bone pain can occur when there is a fracture or a break in the bone. This pain can be severe and can be associated with a lot of swelling and this is one of the methods of identifying the cause of the pain. X rays will also help to identify the fracture.

Tight fitting shoes are becoming one of the major causes of foot pain. Even loose fitting shoes can cause pain. The footwear should be of the right size to avoid pain. The individual should try to buy shoes in the evening as this is the best time to purchase correct fitting shoes.

Certain deformities in the foot can also cause pain in the foot. These deformities can be due to various problems like valgus foot and abducted foot. Equinus foot, varus foot are all different types of deformities that can cause pain. Formation of bunions, corns and calluses on the foot can also cause pain.

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