What Are The Causes Of Fluid Retention

Fluid retention is a common problem in many people as they grow old. Fluid retention is a very important sign of certain chronic diseases. So the fluid retention should be taken seriously by any person who is suffering from this problem. There are various causes that can cause the fluid retention in a person. So what are the causes of fluid retention that people should know so that it can be prevented early in the time when the disease occurs.

The most important cause of fluid retention is the increased intake of salt or sugar by the person who is suffering from fluid retention. What happens when the intake of the salt and sugar is more is that the persons system is not able to eliminate all the fluid from the body due to various osmotic changes. This causes the fluid to be retained in the body and can be seen as swelling in the legs or even other parts of the body like the face.

The next important reason for the fluid retention is the lack of eating correct kind of food. This is especially the fruits and vegetables that have adequate amounts of various nutrients that can help to remove the excess and unwanted fluid from the body.

When an individual is on a diet, the diet may not contain enough amount of protein in the diet. The lack of protein is one of the most important causes of fluid retention. When a person has adequate amount of protein in the diet, the fluid retention will not occur. Even a person on a low calorie diet should include adequate amount of protein in the diet to prevent this problem.

When an individual is not exercising adequately, the water that is present in the body will not be excreted adequately and this can again lead to fluid retention. This is the reason that people who are having the problem of fluid retention should have adequate amount of exercises to reduce the risk of this problem.

The medications that a person may usually consume can be another cause of fluid retention. This is because there are a lot of medicines that are not able to control the sodium level in the body and this can lead to the fluid retention. Contraceptive pills are a common type of medicine that is the cause of fluid retention. Adequate care should be taken by people to prevent the fluid retention as it can cause various complications if not treated early.

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