What Are The Causes Of Extreme Fatigue

Fatigue is a common problem in people around us. This fatigue is because of the increased work that people are doing. The fatigue can be a natural phenomenon because as a person works a lot by physically or mentally exerting himself or herself, it can cause the person to have fatigue. Every person should know what are the causes of extreme fatigue because this will help them to prevent the complications arising out of extreme fatigue.

The first cause of extreme fatigue is excess work. The work that a person does can cause the individual to become fatigued. This should be prevented because when a person works a lot on a few days, then it will cause chronic fatigue syndrome where the person will not be able to concentrate or do any work. To prevent this, the person should work within the limits.

Diseases like sleep disorders and even anemia can cause a person to have extreme fatigue. This is because when these diseases affect a person, the person loses the strength and will be fatigued more than usual. The person will also not have the strength due to the disease process in these diseased conditions. This can again cause the fatigue. Even minimal work that is done by a person suffering from these diseases will cause the person to have extreme fatigue.

When the individual is affected by various psychological problems, the person will seem to be tired all the time. This will also cause extreme fatigue. The individual can have any of the many psychological problems like depression, anxiety and various other problems. These kinds of diseases will make the person feel tired and sick and lead to extreme fatigue.

The lifestyle of a person also can cause the extreme stress. When an individual has a lot of rest and does very little physical activity, then the person’s body gets accustomed to this kind of work. Then one day when the person does some excess work, then it can make the person feel as if thy have done a lot of work and this can cause extreme fatigue in the individual. Thus the lifestyle of a person can also have a major role to play in the cause of extreme fatigue.

Other than the causes mentioned above, when the person has a lot of work either in the office or if the work involves a lot of stress, then it can also make the person feel fatigued because of the heavy work for the mind.

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