What Are The Causes Of Excess Head Sweating

Sweating is a common problem faced by many people. Though sweating is very good for health as it is a method of cooling the body. At the same time it helps to discard the excess salts from the body. Excessive sweating can be very problematic for a person as they will not be able to concentrate on their work and the productivity decreases. Excessive sweating is called as hyperhidrosis and excess sweating of the head is called as cranial hyperhidrosis. One may wonder as to what are the causes of excess head sweating so that the excess sweating may be controlled. When there is excess head sweating, it can cause various problems like dehydration and also loss of essential salts from the body.

There are actually many causes of excessive head sweating. The common causes of the excessive sweating are because of various diseases like thyroid disorders, anxiety, heart attacks and various other problems. In fact cranial hyperhidrosis or excess head sweating is considered as a medical disorder. To treat the excess sweating from the head, the problem that is the reason for the sweating should be treated and the excess head sweating will automatically decrease.

The thyroid glands have various functions. Some times, the thyroid gland may not function normally and cause extra hormone production and at those times, there is an increase in the body temperature. The increased body temperature can cause excess head sweating to try to cool down the body. Thyroid gland function can be usually restored to the normal state with regular medications.

There are some people who may sweat profusely from their head when they are anxious and stressed. This is another cause of excess head sweating. Women who attain menopause may sweat from the head at times. This symptom of menopause may not be present in all women and the severity of the sweating from the head may also vary from one person to another.

The other causes of excess head sweating include heart disease and diabetes. In heart diseases, the excess head sweating is accompanied by pain in the chest. When a person is diabetic, the person can sweat from the head because of decreased food intake. Similarly when people are on a diet and do not eat regularly, they can have excess head sweating. Those who have excess head sweating should drink adequate amount of water to make sure that they are not dehydrated.

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