What Are The Causes Of Elevated Liver Enzymes

An enzyme is actually a protein that helps in quickening a reaction. The liver enzymes are the enzymes that are present in the liver that does a function similar to the various enzymes in the body. These liver enzymes can be elevated or their normal levels are not present, but the increased level of the enzymes usually indicates the presence of liver damage. This increase in the level usually is because the liver causes a leak of these enzymes into the blood stream because of damages to the organ. This may usually be due to some minor cause too and be temporary, but at the same time, it can signify considerable damage to the liver. So what are the causes of elevated liver enzymes or the conditions in which the liver damage can cause the elevation of the enzymes.

Alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and Aspartate aminotransferase (AST) are the commonly found enzymes of the liver. These same enzymes were called by a different name that is SPGT and SGOT before. The elevation of the liver enzymes that are listed above can be usually identified when the individual suffering from liver problem undergoes a liver function test.

In truth, the cause of elevated liver enzymes can be quite varied and many in number. This is because the liver is the organ that metabolizes and removes the toxic materials from the body and also metabolizes the medications that we take. So the major reason for elevated liver enzyme is the excess intake of certain medications that can damage the liver. Cholesterol controlling drugs and the pain medications commonly are the cause of elevated liver enzymes.

Other then the medications, there are certain diseases that can cause the elevated liver enzymes and these include the three varieties of Hepatitis that are Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. Other diseases that cause elevated liver enzymes include diseases like the alcoholic liver damage, diseases of the liver caused by immunity problems, cirrhosis of the liver, other viral infections that can cause liver damage like the cytomegalovirus, Epsteinn Barr Virus and other such infections.

The elevated liver enzymes can also be due to various other diseases like Wilson’s disease, polymyositis, thyroid imbalances and even obesity can cause elevated liver enzymes. In most pf these cases where there is an elevation of the liver enzyme, when the underlying cause is gone, the enzyme levels also go down. All the conditions listed here may not really need treatment for the elevated liver enzymes, but treatment is necessary only for the underlying condition.

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