What Are The Causes Of Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks are very common in some persons. It may not be present in all people, though all people are prone to anxiety attacks under certain conditions. All of us should know what are the causes of anxiety attacks because only when we know the causes will we be able to prevent further anxiety attacks. We will also be able to prevent letting us into situations where we may get anxiety attacks.

We should make sure that we do not have anxiety attacks because when we have such attacks, we are prone to getting depressed and the person who has suffered from an anxiety attack will also be prone to get such attacks again. Anxiety attacks are also known as panic attack at times.

The most common cause of an anxiety attack is the mental state of the person. If a person is already agitated, then the person is more prone to be very highly agitated and can have a sudden panic attack. The inherent stress level of the person may also be a potent cause of anxiety attacks because the person who is stressed is usually not able to take any more stress and then they get panicky.

People who have a lot of deadlines to be met are also prone to anxiety attacks when they are not able to meet the deadline or even when they realize that they will not be able to meet the deadline. This is a major cause of anxiety attacks in people who work and are highly stressed in their work.

Certain diseases and psychological conditions that are present in the person may also make them prone to have anxiety attacks. This is because when the person is having some problems, then they will be prone to exaggerate their problems and their brain perceives even a small problem to be very complicated and they get anxious.

Pregnancy can be a major cause of anxiety attacks. There are various reasons for which a pregnant woman can become suddenly anxious. The mood changes that are associated with pregnancy is said to be the main cause of the pregnant woman becoming anxious during that period.

In spite of all these causes being present for anxiety attacks, scientists and investigators have still not been able to figure out the exact cause and mechanism in which these anxiety attacks are triggered. Only when the trigger is identified will appropriate treatment be possible for reducing the anxiety in people who are affected by this condition.

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