What Are The Causes Of Ankle Swelling

Ankle swelling can be a commonly occurring injury in many people. This is especially true in women who wear high heeled shoes. It is also common in sports injuries. The ankle swelling can also occur in various systemic and localized diseases. So what are the causes of ankle swelling is a question the answer of which many people would like to know.

The most common reason for ankle swelling is the injury that occurs to the ligaments in the ankle. The ankle has ligaments both on the medial side and also on the lateral side. When a person falls with the ankle being turned inwards, the lateral ligament or the ligament on the outside of the ankle gets injured. The opposite occurs in the medial ligament injury where the individual injures the ligament by falling with the ankle turned out. When the ligament injury occurs, there is an associated swelling in the ankle.

The other reason for ankle swelling is any fracture in the bones of the ankle joint. There are many bones near the ankle. The tibia, fibula, calcaneum, talus are some of the bones that are present in the ankle joint complex. Any fracture in any of these bones near the joint area can also cause ankle swelling.

Infections are another cause of swelling in the ankle joint. The infection can be a localized one in the ankle area and this can cause swelling in the ankle too along with the other signs of infection including generalized fever.

Arthritic joints are a common cause of swelling. This is also true in the ankle joints. There are various kinds of arthritis that can occur in the ankle joint. The common types of arthritis are Rheumatoid arthritis that can occur in the ankle that is seen with swelling of the ankle joint. The arthritic joint is also associated with swelling in other joints of the leg or the body.

Many sports injuries also cause swelling in the ankle. These spots injuries are mainly due to contact sports where there is always a very high risk of injury. In people with such injuries, there might have been a fall on the twisted leg or even when the individual was trying to run. These high velocity injuries can cause more than just ankle swelling due to a single cause. The individual can have swelling due to ligament injury, fracture of the bones or even muscular injuries or a combination of these injuries.

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