What Are The Causes Of Ankle Edema

Edema is a medical condition that arises from an abnormal accumulation of fluid under the skin. When the blood circulation is disturbed in a certain parts of the body, fluid will accumulate and it will cause that area to swell up. Edema usually affects the feet, ankles and lower leg but it also known to affect other area of the body. Now that you know what Edema is, you want to know what are the causes of ankle edema and the treatment available for it.

Ankle edema maybe one of the early symptoms of a serious medical condition, which affect the kidney, heart, liver or the blood vessels but don’t be too worried as ankle edema also caused by things that are less dangerous. Several factors like consuming too much salt in daily diets will result in ankle edema.

If you have been taking too much laxatives and prescribed medicine from the doctor it can cause ankle edema as well. So, make sure when ever you get a prescribed medicine from the doctor, you ask about the side effects of taking the medicine. Ankle edema can also occur if there is an injury on the ankle such as sprained or twisted and this usually happen to the athletes quite often. When their ankle got injured the muscle and the blood vessels got clot and the ankle will swell up due to the injury.

For women, ankle edema occurs to them when they are pregnant or having their menstrual cycle. When women got pregnant, their body will naturally produce more fluid and the excess fluid will be either washed out from the urine or it will be pulled down by the gravity to the most bottom part of the body, the ankle and this situation will cause the ankle to swell up. Women also tend to have ankle edema when they are having their menstrual cycle. Due to the same reason as pregnancy, where their body naturally produce more fluid and the excess fluid will go to the bottom part of human’s body causing it to be clogged up in the ankle, which causes it to swell.

The ankle edema can be treated by “leg elevation” where you elevate your legs above your heart level. This method could help to reduce the swelling on the ankle.

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