What Are The Causes Of A Heart Attack

A heart attack is a common name for a condition where there is pain in the chest area because of the loss of blood supply to the heart. The heart is actually made of muscle tissue that helps to pump the blood to various organs in the body. The muscles of the heart in turn are supplied with blood by the coronary arteries. When the blood supply to any tissue stops, the tissue stops working. Similarly, when there is a decrease in the blood supply to the heart or when there s a stoppage of blood that is supplied to the heart muscle, there is chest pain and the person is said to have had a heart attack. Though the lack of blood supply is the reason for the pain, what are the causes of a heart attack is a major question that needs answering.

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When the blood supply to the heart is hindered, there can be damage to the heart muscles. It is the same case with the heart muscle which stops working either fully or partially when there is decreased blood supply to the heart muscles or when there is a complete stop of blood to the heart muscles. The decreased or blood supply to the heart muscle also causes the pain associated with the heart attack and may also cause the death of a part of the heart muscle. Though it is known that the blood supply to the heart is stopped, there are many reasons that contribute to this status.

The causes of heart attacks are all varied and depend on the risk factors present in the individual. Some of the common risk factors include the age of the individual. As a person gets older, the risk of a heart attack increases. The obesity of the individual also plays a major role on the chance that a person may have a heart attack. When an individual is having a high blood pressure, then it can cause problems in the circulation of the heart vessels leading to heart attacks.

Smoking increases the risk of an individual in getting a heart attack due to various mechanisms. The diet that a person intakes can also be a major cause and contributing factor for heart attacks, by increasing the cholesterol level. When the cholesterol levels increase, the fat deposits on the coronary arteries and corrodes it and also occludes the blood from moving in the coronary artery leading to the heart attacks. These are the major causes of heart attacks.

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