What Are The After Effects Of Stroke

Stroke can harm people in diverse ways especially on the long run. The damage is mostly dependent on how much injury the brain received and the type of stroke experienced by the person. These injuries mainly affect the person’s brain functions such as hearing, memory, sight, and others.

Most people lose control on some of the parts of their body. The arm, legs or even half of their body can get paralyzed. When most especially their right part of the brain got heavily damaged, the left part of the body gets affected. People will tend to forget or even neglect anything on the right. Say for an example, they won’t eat anything on the right side of their plates when eating. There are also cases when these people only dress on their right side, neglecting the left side of their body thinking that they’re fully dressed already.

Due to brain damage, there are instances when stroke survivors tend to have problems in speech. Stroke affects our muscles in our tongue and so that’s why there are chances when people can’t talk clearly or can’t talk at all. Chewing too may also get difficult. Touching, seeing and also thinking is also affected. People may tend to bump to walls because their vision is somehow altered. Objects may look closer and farther than they should be and so people are most likely to have a lot of accidents. These people may also tend to have a lot of mood swings and sometimes crying and laughing all of the sudden without any particular reason.

Most cases as well showed that their memory is somehow altered whether it is short-term or long-term memories. Depending on how much damage the brain received on the brain specifically on the part of the brain which handles memory, memory loss could worsen if things do not go well for the patient. Patients will probably tend to forget that easily or they may even forget what they do for everyday.

Do take note that these effects may appear and may even improve over time and in some instances these may just disappear. Treatment is therefore a very important factor for recovery. Regular check-ups, diagnosis and prescription are necessary. Surgeries may even be required to fix some parts of the brain that may further cause problems. The earlier the treatment, the more chance that you can get recovered from the damage that your brain have dealt with.

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