What Are The Causes Of Deafness In Human

Hearing is one of human’s five senses. Deafness is when human can no longer hear due to a syndrome. There are many causes of deafness in human, but in this article wewill be covering the most common cause to it.

When a person is born deaf this is the type of deafness, which is known as the congenital deafness. In the other hand the deafness that occurs after birth is known as adventitious deafness, mostly cause by noise pollutions. You will need to determine whether your deafness is temporary or permanent as they have different causes.

The cause of the temporary deafness is :

i) waxy substances that block the ear canal disallowing sound to reach the ear drums which will be change into impulse to our head.

ii) Foreign object that is stuck inside the ear canal will cause a temporarily hearing loss, this has been used by human to reduce noise pollution. People buy ear buds and stuck it into their ear canal to get rid of the noise.

iii) When a person is having a flu, the excess mucus produces by our body will usually clot up the Eustachian tube in the ear making the sound unable to reach the drum.

iv) Certain drugs taken by people are also known to cause temporary deafness, drug such as aminoglycosides and chloroquine can cause temporary deafness to people who consume it.

However a permanent deafness maybe caused by:

i) Loud noises are known to conduce a severe damage to the small and complicated mechanism in the ear. If you are exposed to loud noises everyday it is advisable that your wear an ear buds to prevent the noise to damage your ear mechanisms.

ii) Some disease if it is severe enough will cause deafness. The famous diseases that are known to cause deadness is meningitis, mumps, cytomegalovirus and chicken pox.

iii) As the older we gets, the weaker our body mechanism is. Age is one of the factor of deafness. The hearing ability will get less and less acute as we age, our ear mechanism are now weaker and a slight damage may cause deafness in us.

iv) One of the most common deafness that is experienced by people are hereditary. Which means that the parents have a flawed genes and by accident it is transferred to the children where the children are usually born deaf even when both of the parents are normal.

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