How To Write A Resignation Letter

You may have made your decision to move on from your old job as you may feel that you are not making any progress for yourself mentally and financially and you feel like quitting your job and find a new job but you have no idea on how to write a resignation letter. As much as you would like to criticize your old job, your old employer/boss or even your old co-worker it is not really necessary and it is not ethical to do so. You future employers may check your employment history and contact your old employer to clarify your previous working attitude. You write resignation letter as an act of goodwill to your previous employers.

Before you start writing your resignation letter, it is advisable that you already have another job so that you will not be unemployed after you quit your job and you will not be having any income for a period of time. Avoid all this problems by getting a job before you quit your current ones.

In your resignation letter, state that you are resigning from your current job at the beginning of the letter and make this thing simple and straightforward, make sure that it does not seems like your have hidden meanings in your statement. Make your letter brief, precise and short. Remember to put in information if you need assistance from your current employer in moving on. Include your title as well as your proposed last day of work.

You are advised not to include your reason for leaving. You are under no obligation to give any more information than necessary to your current employer. Thank your employer regardless of your real reason for resigning, for the time you have been employed and the opportunities given when you were under their employment.

Include your personal information in the header of your resignation letter. It should looks like the header of your resume. Also include the name of your supervisor, title, and the name of the organization that you work for and their business address.

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