How To Write A Biography

A biography is a story of a person’s life, it can be as short as a few sentences or as long as an entire book. Short biographies usually contain the basic facts of someone’s life and the important events in it and long biographies look into every event of a person’s life in details and it will usually tell a good story. Biographies are written to analyze and interpret the meaning of unexpected actions taken by a person and the values of that action. Biographies are usually written for people to learn from the achievement of famous people or an infamous people. You may want to write for yourself but do not know how to write a biography.

Usually biographies are written in chronological order, while some focuses on major events that happen in that person life such as their ambitions and achievements but some writer focus on accomplishments of the subjects.

Before you write a biography, select a person that you are interested in so that when you are writing the biography, your writing will flow freely. Next, you would want to find out the basic facts of the person’s life, it will be better if you have their own personal journal that they use to write every encounter in their life. If you could not find the journal, it will be advisable that you interview people who are related to that person.

Get the basics of your subjects, the place of birth, hometown and every necessary facts as you will need to know this person very closely before you can write their life story. It is better if you can write a summary of your subject’s family and anybody that made particular contributions to your subject’s life. To make your writings to be more interesting for your reader, write about their impact to the society.

Think from your point of view, what would you like to know about the person and what traits in that person that interests you and you would want others to know. Do you additional research in your local library or using the internet so that you will be able to find information that will help you to gain more interesting facts about the person so that you will be able to tell an interesting story.

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