How To Treat A Swollen Lip

A swollen lip can occur due to various reasons. The lip usually gets swollen after an injury. The common causes of injury include a fall or an accident. It can also be caused when a person gets a tooth problem. Some people can have their lips swollen when they have a insect bite n the lip. Certain allergies have also been known to cause the swollen lip. A person who has a swollen lip will be thinking hard on how to treat a swollen lip. The reason for this is that the swollen lip can be quite disfiguring to the person.

There are many simple methods of treating the swollen lip. Usually the treatment of a swollen lip is based on the cause of the swelling. The single most important method to treat a swollen lip is to have ice packs applied on the lip that is swollen. The ice packs can be applied for about ten minutes each sitting. This can be done for three times a day and till the swelling and the pain associated with the injury comes down.

The ice packs should cover the entire area where the pain is for the ice to have any effect on the swelling in the hip. If ice packs are not available, then ordinary ice can be crushed and covered in a towel and applied over the area that has been injured. Care should be taken not to have the ice applied for longer than 10 minutes as it can cause severe numbness in the area.

Other than ice, there are also other methods to treat a swollen lip. These methods include the local application of any topical ointments that is usually prescribed by a physician when the lip swelling is caused by an allergy or insect bite. In these causes of the swollen lip, ice may have little effect and so should rarely be applied. Various pain relieving ointments can be applied. Appropriate care should be taken to ensure that these topical creams are not accidentally ingested.

These are the best and common methods to treat a swollen lip. There can be other non conventional methods of treating the lip swelling that are practiced by people who are into herbal medicine. These include various oils like tea oil and even aloe vera oil. These oils are relatively safe and can be tried, but at the risk of the one who is using it. Many people do use these treatments, but ice packs and medications are better in any case and should be tried first to treat a swollen lip.

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