How To Start A Webcomic

Internet has been the medium for people to showcase their talent. If you can sing, all you need to do is record yourself and upload it to the internet. If you are an aspiring comic artist trying to show the world your capability, you can do it now. Unlike the old days where to publish a physical comic book will require a high overhead start up cost, today you can publish your own comic on the internet with a very low start up cost. As low as zero to a few hundred dollars if you do not have the equipment ready but you are thinking, how to start a webcomic?

There are a few tools and basics steps that you need in order to start a webcomic. Some the tools you may already have it in your home and you can just use it but some of it, you will need to buy for a minimal fee.

You will need an image scanner to scan your artwork that has been done on the paper and scan it into your computer before uploading it into your website. You may need to resize it a little and touch it up a little bit because not all scanned artwork will look like the actual ones. You may require some basic photoshop skill to touch up the scanned pictures on the internet. However, you can get yourself a drawing tablet and start drawing. This method is not encouraged for the artists that are running on a tight budget as drawing tablet can be quite costly.

You will need an internet connection to go online and upload your complete comics. You can also use the internet to get inspiration for your storyline. If you prefer to have your own website for webcomic instead the free blog hosting websites such as Blogger and WordPress, you will need to pay around 10 dollars to register a domain and around 35 dollars a year to host the website. Make sure that you website or blog will have an image gallery that will house your webcomc images.

Once you get all the above done, it is now time to start drawing. Draw your comic on a piece of paper, scan the complete artwork so that you can touch up the comic in the computer. Add the speech balloons and once you are done, make sure you save your image as .png, .gif or .jpeg. Upload it to your website or blog and have got your own webcomic.

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