How To Sew Binding On A Quilt?

Quilt binding is the strip of material that folds over the edges of the quilt. It finished the edges by binding the quilt top and backing together. New quilters should be proud of having finished their quilt top. Now, it’s time to learn how to sew binding on a quilt.

There are different types of quilt binding. Single fold binding is only one thickness. Double fold binding is two layers thick which tends to be more durable than double fold binding. When deciding which type of binding to use, the person may want to consider the purpose of the quilt. If the quilt needs to be durable for everyday use and frequent washing, then the quilter may want to choose double fold binding.

The length of quilt binding needed is the total length of all four sides of the quilt plus one foot. Before beginning the binding process, mark the quilt at each corner one quarter inch by measuring one quarter inch from the bottom and one quarter inch from the side. The point where they would cross on the corner is what you want to mark.

When starting to sew the binding, lay the folded binding along the edge of the quilt. Start sewing about ten inches into the binding leaving a ten inch tail that is not sewn to the quilt. The quilter wants to sew the binding and quilt one quarter inch from their edges.

When approaching the mark on the corner, sew the binding up to that point, stop, and back stitch two stitches. The person will lift the foot and turn the quilt so that it is in position to sew the next side. To reposition the quilt binding and sew the corner, hold the outer edge of the binding to the corner and fold the binding up so that the binding forms a triangle from where the sewing stopped to the corner. Then, fold the binding down to cover the triangle and be laying over the edge of the quilt to be sewn next.

The quilter is then ready to start sewing the next side of the quilt. Start with two back stitches before starting the new side. Start sewing the next side of the quilt from the very beginning of the side, but remaining one quarter of an inch from the edge of the side of the quilt. This is how a quilt mitered corner is sewn.

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