How To Rub Lotions In Around Eyes

The need to rub lotions in around eyes may not be very much, but there are times when you may apply some kind of lotion in the face. Sun screen lotions are usually applied either over the whole of the face or some people may prefer the lotion to be rubbed only over the vulnerable areas of their face, especially around the eyes. If you are required to do so because of a lot of outdoor activities, then you would want to know how to rub lotions in around eyes.

There are not any difficult methods that need to be used. You can use only simple methods to rub the lotion. You should be extra careful when you are required to rub the lotion in around the eyes of a child. The reason is that the child can have much more problems if the lotion enters the eyes than an adult. There is one simple method that can be used to rub the lotions around the eyes. The first step is to apply the lotion on to the tips of the fingers. The area around the eyes is very narrow and so only the finger tips should have the lotion on them.

Once the lotion is on the tips of the fingers, start applying the lotion on the side of the eyes. Make sure that your fingers go in a circular motion. This will ensure that the lotion is applied over all the areas. Other than the area covered, it also helps in the lotion being absorbed by the skin. If you rub the lotion haphazardly, then there will not be any major effect that you gain.

Haphazard application of the lotion around the eye will also make you miss some of the areas. After starting the massage from the corner of the eyebrow, you should come down to the areas below the eyes and then go over the nostrils. From this place, you then start applying the lotion over the temples and then reach back to the starting area. This will ensure that you are able to cover all the relevant and necessary areas.

Learning how to rub lotions in around eyes is one thing, but taking remedial action if the lotion accidentally enters the eye is another matter. The first thing that has to be done is to reach the emergency or at least consult an ophthalmologist. If this is not possible, then use cold and clean water to wash the eye immediately.

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