How To Put A Condom On

Condom is an external contraceptive, birth control method that is worn over the penis during sexual intercourse. It is made from a thin rubber material. Other than preventing pregnancy, wearing condom during sexual intercourse will also prevent the transmission of sexual transmitted disease. Condom prevents pregnancy by preventing the semen from entering the vagina during the intercourse. It is best if you know how to put a condom on because the condom is only effective if you wear it properly. There are a few type of condom in the market, which will give different feeling during sexual intercourse.

Most of the condoms are made from latex, however there are some that is made from other materials such as lamb intestines (lamb skin) and polyurethane. Latex would be the safest material for condom as it prevents the transmission of semen as well as bacteria that causes sexually transmitted diseases. Lamb skin condoms do prevent the transmission of semen but are not able to prevent the spread of bacteria that causes sexually transmitted diseases. Polyurethane condom does the same thing as the latex condom but it is relatively more expensive and usually used by some people who are allergic to latex.

Before you learn how to put on a condom, you will need a condom first. Go to your nearest store and grab one box of condom. If you are a really safe person, you can grab the condom that is made for more safety and it will be thicker otherwise if you want to get the most experience out of the sexual intercourse, you can choose the thin condom.

Firstly, open the condom wrapper carefully so that you won’t rip the condom. The condom will be rolled up with a small protruding tip. Hold the tip and put it onto the head of the erect penis. Make sure that it is on the right side, so it can be rolled down easily.

After you roll the condom down, don’t forget to leave ½ inch space beyond the tip of the penis, as that will be the space to collect the semen. When you roll down the condom, hold the tip of the condom this is to prevent the condom to slip off. Remember when you don’t wear the condom the right way, the risk of pregnancy and get infected by sexually transmitted disease increases by two folds. Better safe than sorry.

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