How To Prevent Foot Odour

Foot odour is a common problem in many people. It can be a problem in men or women, adults or children. So, almost all people are at a risk of having foot odour. Though it may not be always possible to prevent foot odour, there are certain methods that can be used. Many people search for a remedy to the foot odour once it has occurred. This may not be the best option as it takes a lot of time and effort. You may also become embarrassed because of the smell that emanates from your foot in public places. So to make sure that it is not a problem at all, you need to know how to prevent foot odour.

Wash feet regularly and dry them: It is very important to keep the foot clean and also dry. When the foot is not dry, but damp, there is a high chance of a particular kind of bacteria to grow on it and cause the smell. The bacteria do not grow if the foot is damp for a short time, but when the dampness is prolonged. To prevent this, frequent washing of the foot and also drying the foot after washing is very important. If the foot becomes wet because of sweat, it needs to be washed with soap to prevent foot odour.

Use clean and dry shoes and socks: It is also important to use clean shoes and socks. Socks and shoes that are not clean can react to the sweat from the foot and cause the bad smell to occur. On the other hand, the shoes or socks that are damp can also cause the smell to occur because the dampness of the socks comes into contact with the skin and helps in the bacteria to multiply, causing the foot odour.

Use of powder and deodorants: To keep the foot dry and also to keep it smelling good, powder or deodorants can be used. The powder will help to absorb the sweat that is produced and help in keeping the foot to be dry. The deodorants on the other hand, will help to mask the smell. The use of antiperspirants will help in preventing excessive sweating.

There are also various other treatments available that will help in the prevention of sweating. Ionotophoresis is a method of inducing ions in the foot that reduce sweating in people who sweat excessively. This will also help in preventing sweating and also in preventing foot odour.

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