How To Open A Ttf File

Ttf file stands for TrueTypeFont file. These fonts are specially designed that allow you to resize the font without changing it appearance unlike some other font you commonly encounter. When you print this font out, they will look exactly the same way they look like on the screen, which other font styles tend to differ sometimes. When you resize TrueTypeFont, no matter how it look on the screen that is how it will look when you print it out. Much difference compared to other font such as times new roman where it looks different after you resize and print it. It sounds amazing but how to open a ttf file?

Before you can open ttf file, you will need to install it first like any other font in your computer. It can be installed from your Control Panel. Firstly, go to Start Menu, and browse to Control Panel. In control Panel, you will be able to find Fonts folder, in this folder you will be able to view all the fonts that has been installed to your computer. You can install new fonts to your computer system in two ways depending on the version of windows you are using. Either installing by File menu or by Right-clicking, if you have File menu on the top of your Fonts folder, you will need to enter the File menu and click on Install New Font. Browse the folder that contains ttf files and install it.

However, if your windows’ is the latest version, you can simply do a right click on your mouse anywhere in the folder and a menu will come up. One of the options will be Install New Font and when you click that, you will be able to browse for a folder that contains the new font, click on the folder and then click install.

In order for you to open a ttf file, you will need to install font viewer to manage your fonts. Amp Font Viewer is highly recommended, as it is safe and secure, you will be able to open ttf file and manage all fonts in your computer system. You can also view which fonts are install and which are not and you can add or remove fonts easily.

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