How To Make Yourself Throw Up

Throwing up can be one of the most difficult things to do. It can also be very disgusting. There are many times when people do not really want to throw up. At the same time, there can be a few people who want to throw up. These are the people who have ingested some poisonous or other substance either intentionally or unintentionally and want to bring it all out. It can also be people who are fond of eating, but do not want to put on weight. So these people will think as to how to make yourself throw up and here is the answer for them.

The first and the simplest method of throwing up is to have your fingers used to gag yourself. This is quite simple when you think of it. Many kids do it often without knowing it. You have to use your index or middle finger or both these fingers to put it as far as possible into the throat. This will gag you and the things inside your stomach will automatically find their way out.

The medical method of making a person throw up is also useful. People who have ingested poison are given an emetic that causes the person to throw up and it will bring out all the contents of the stomach. This is routinely used in medical practice for various reasons in various situations. This is one of the best methods of throwing up.

The next method of throwing up is not very successful all the time. The person who wants to throw up can try spinning himself or herself or go on a Ferris wheel or any other fun game that causes nausea. Once the person is nauseated, then the person can think that they are going to throw up and it usually happens that way.

Another method that can be used for a person to throw up is to drink a lot. If one wants to throw up without having to put their finger inside, then the individual can try to go on a binge drinking and this will make the person to throw up all that is in the stomach. This is usually not done intentionally, but it can be tried if the person really wants to throw up without getting very disgusted.

These are the common methods that can be used to throw up and most of these methods are usually successful in making the person to throw up.

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